National Institute of Brain Skill Development and Research Center has been in Educational Industry since 15 years

National Scholar Search Examination is conducted for Students from 2nd Std. to 9th Std. which will definitely help numerous students to develop their skill and make them familiar in future to the format used for MH-CET, IIT examinations.

Scholarship Examination is the only tools to increase the student’s potential and endurance capacity as competitive examinations are increasingly becoming eligible criteria at every stage of higher education. N.S.S.E. aims at preparing students for gaining competitive edge to succeed in competitive examinations. Accordingly, measures are taken to keep the students busy throughout the course right from day one, and extract maximum amount of work from them and not giving them a chance to deviate their concentration away from their studies

Day to Day general study will never give adequate self confidence to the students in facing challenges of the business world. Therefore, more emphasis is given to motivate the students to go deep into the academic curriculum, enjoy the beauty of innovations and derivations and while doing so, prepare their analytical mindset, resulting into creativity

 Vision Statement

“Formal education will make you a living, self-education will make you a fortune.”